About Me

Welcome beautiful soul !

I am noinflouencer – Lou if you want it short Why I chose this name? I am not a person that tells you what to do because I believe that everyone is led best by their own intuition, our higher self. And that we need to use it in order to fulfill our very individual needs and – our destiny.

Perhaps it was even your intuition that led you to this website and I am deeply glad it did. I created this safe space for me and you equally. In the believe that each and every one of us walks with a purpose on our beautiful mother earth and I see it as one of mine to inspire those who find their way to me, to a life filled with compassion and happiness. It fills my heart with pure joy to communicate through art and I feel ready to share it with you. At your fingertips now lies the door to my heart, my core. A place I am currently rediscovering. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

From my heart to yours.

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